Reuters Objectively See’s Russia’s Options as Losing or… Losing Badly

Submitted by Thad Beversdorf  –  The First Rebuttal Blog

“I’ve long thought that he has pursued a pre-World War Two course which could only end badly – a course in which his power is maximized by crushing internal opponents, expanding empire and using the military to frighten neighboring countries into submission.”, writes John Lloyd of Reuters.  I read this excerpt from his recent article and thought finally someone in mainstream media is honestly discussing the foreign policy of America, just to eventually find out he is actually talking about Putin.  However, Lloyd does go on to imply American foreign policy can be described much the same way.

Unfortunately the rest of the article is basically ‘informing’ the reader that Putin has two options;  1. he can lose or 2. he can lose badly.  John Lloyd’s coverage must be a bit disappointing to all those readers that purchased Lloyd’s 2004 book “What the Media are Doing to our Politics”.  It is clear that John Lloyd is nothing more than yet another mainstream media muppet of the neocon storyline.  The more they say it apparently the more true they believe it becomes.  In any case, I suppose I could overlook the obvious hypocrisy if it were well thought out.  However, Lloyd seems to miss the one most likely option, the China factor.

Russia has the capability and the wisdom to overcome the existing hardship in the economic situation,” Foreign Minister Wang Yi told journalists, China Daily reported Monday. “If the Russian side needs it, we will provide necessary assistance within our capacity.”  In a recent piece I published, I discuss the clear motivation of the Western Alliance to crush Russia is an attempt to contain the obvious new world dominating force, China.  You see China has just surpassed the US as the world’s top economy.  Its military is by far the largest military in the world though probably not the most sophisticated, yet.  But there is no rational mind that argues China will not be the world’s single superpower in a mere 20 years if not sooner.  The Western Alliance (which is the collective of Western leaders that have long controlled global policies), however, is not so rational.  The central banking cartel along with the Western Alliance are not going down without a fight.  

The problem is that by way of pure demographics the Western Alliance concedes a majority of the world’s assets will be owned by the East within the next few years and with majority of wealth typically comes control.  James Wolfensohn, ex president of the World Bank, lays out the global power shift very clearly in his address at Stanford University.  But so how does the Western Alliance hold onto global control whilst no longer holding the majority of the world’s assets?  Well that is the challenge James presents to students in his address.  In reality the Western Alliance is not calmly passing the challenge onto these future leaders but is very much initiating the battle to end all battles.  You see it is natural for the Alpha dog to eventually pass on the crown.  It happens in all top-of-the-food-chain species, lions, wolves, bears, etc.  The dominating male will eventually be challenged by a more impressive up and comer.  And while that alpha dog can hold onto his top rank for a few years past his prime by putting on a show of strength eventually it comes down to his last fight.

I see that as where America and the Western Alliance stands today.  You see we’ve been barking very loud and putting on an impressive show of strength by taking on very weak challengers since the beginning of the new millennium, however, the real challenger is China.  And we’ve all known that for some time.  As Wolfensohn discusses it is becoming a now or never reality for the Western Alliance.  Either they find a way to contain the impressive beast or they give up their Alpha status.  And so here they are in the fight for global control.  In that earlier piece I wrote I describe how the Western Alliance is targeting energy, as it is China’s achilles heel.  China’s energy source for the future is Russia.  Given its  economic, military and energy prowess, a Sino-Soviet Alliance will trump the Western Alliance.  The objective then is to destroy the Soviet variable before the Sino-Soviet Alliance is fortified.  Control China’s energy and you can contain China.

Clearly Russia’s future has very little to do with the Western world and so they have no motive to start wars with the West.  There is nothing to gain by doing so.  However, they have every motive to defend themselves against Western aggression.  And so if you see Russian aggression with the West it can only be defensive in nature.  Nations (other than North Korea) do not act in a way that is to the detriment of its political class.  Because warring with the West presents no possible upside but significant downside for Russia and her leaders, they will actually be willing to do everything in their power to prevent such a scenario.

However, as we discussed above, the Western Alliance has only one option to secure its global control and that is to contain China and the only way to contain China is via Russian energy.  Thus, the Western Alliance has every reason to war with Russia.  Behaviour (for rational minds) is always logical and so we can use logic to come to the truth about behaviour by looking at the logical results of actions.  If an action seems to be detrimental to a particular subject nation’s political class, then the action would be illogical and thus will not be taken.  If an action is the only course of survival for a nation, or more pertinently its political class, then you can be damn certain that action will be taken.  Looking at the Russian conflict then from a logical context, it really becomes not up for debate that the Western Alliance must be the aggressor.

But so ok, we are doing what we need to in order to secure our dominance and perhaps there are working class folks that may agree with such a policy.  Sounds simple enough according to John Lloyd.  As he lays out, the two options for Putin and Russia are to either lose or lose badly.  But when John pulls his head out his ass or decides to speak with some integrity rather than selling himself out as a politician’s town crier he will admit that things won’t be so simple.  China’s future growth is dependent on Russian energy, and so on Russia itself.  As such, China will never allow the Western Alliance to crush Russia as China understands the end objective is not a containment of Russia but China itself.  I made the point in the previous article that China will not only step in economically, which we’ve already seen by example with the signed energy deals and now explicitly stating they will back the Russian economy but, if comes to it, China will be prepared to step in militarily, they have no choice.

That is a very scary WWIII proposition and one might wonder why in the hell are we headed in that direction?  It is obviously not something citizens of any involved countries would want.  Again the reason goes back to that very natural process of Alpha selection.  It requires a final fight of the Alpha dog, the one in which he loses his reign of power to a new more impressive Alpha dog.  Sometimes this is done without violence when the Alpha simply knows he is no longer top dog and he moves on.  Often times it ends is horrible violence.

Unfortunately with quarreling societies the political class does not fight its own battles.  They send their soldiers out to kill and be killed on their behalf.  You can be certain if the killing and being killed was to be done by those cowards making the decision to war with Russia and ultimately China, that the passing of the torch would be a very quiet and uneventful one.  But unfortunately the massacre will be of the working class while the political class remains warm and well fed in their thrones and castles.

In the end, who is making global policy decisions affects no one but the political class.  It is their world of power and luxury from ill gotten gains that is on the line.  The rest of us go about our day to day business with no consciousness of what takes place at that level of control.  Ultimately perhaps a change in power would lead to an improving quality of life for the masses rather than just for the .1% at the top and that would be a very good change.

We the people can allow our political class to kill and maim hundreds of thousands of our brave young men and women but there is no alternative outcome to China becoming the global superpower.  That is certain.  And look, we would all rather be in control than not in control but China’s certainty of power comes from the size of its bourgeoning population not from some sinister plot to take over the world despite what Western media would have you believe.   And so we shouldn’t fear a power shift.

As Russia seems to be doing, we should find ways to optimize the way in which we can progress from the change.  I remember reading a book as un undergrad called “Who Stole My Cheese”.  The book was a brilliant highly acclaimed few words of wisdom on why and how change can be a good thing.  But the successful transition during periods of change is a function of our own perspectives.  If we continue to drink the poison from our political class poured from the cups of mainstream media our future is grim.  However, if we the people, take the powers invested in us by way of the Constitution, we can take the inevitable coming power shift and apply our new role in a way that creates incredibly positive outcomes.

I find it so disturbingly illogical that we Americans are willing to die so that our political class can enjoy ill gotten riches and power yet we cower when it comes to defending our great nation against the political class, something our founding fathers pleaded for us to do.  The truth, which the political class legislates so hard for us to overlook, is that they are powerless without us.   It is us that fight their fights, fund their wars and enforce their laws that enslave us yet we bow down and call them Mr. President and Madame Secretary.  And so I ask each and everyone of you, when will we wake up and recognize that we are the power and the wealth and that the political class has only managed, through deception, to harness our strengths and pass them off as their own?  For until that day of awakening, we will continue to live as an oppressed people ruled by others for others.