The Daily Debt Rattle

Submitted by Raúl Ilargi Meijer  –  The Automatic Earth

Greece Drops Key Bailout Demands, But Germany Still Objects (AP)
ECB Risks Crippling Political Damage If Greece Forced To Default (AEP)
Varoufakis Meets Euro Partners as Greece Seeks to Avoid Default (Bloomberg)
Has Greece’s ‘Lehman Moment’ Finally Arrived? (CNBC)
Greece’s Request for Loan Extension Is Rejected by Germany (NY Times)
US Urges Greece, Creditors To End Impasse (CNBC)
Meet Europe’s Newest Austerity-Hating Politician (CNBC)
Ukraine: UK and EU ‘Badly Misread’ Russia (BBC)
Two New Papers Say Oversized Finance Sectors Hurt Growth and Innovation (NC)
Saudi King Unleashes Torrent Of Money As Bonuses Flow To The Masses (NY Times)
Supertankers Speed Up as Oil Prices Fall (Bloomberg)
Cyclone Slams Into Northeast Australia (Reuters)
How Rudy Giuliani Marginalized Himself (WaPo)
US and UK Spy Agencies Stole The Secrets Keeping Your Phone Secure (Engadget)
Millions At Risk From Rapid Sea Rise In Swampy Bay of Bengal Islands (AP)
Wrinkle-Smoothing Chocolate To Make A Splash (RT)

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