The Daily Debt Rattle

Submitted by Raúl Ilargi Meijer  –  The Automatic Earth

Central Banks Can Do Nothing More To Insulate Us From An Asian Winter (Guardian)
Europe’s Biggest Bank: Is The Fed Preparing For A ‘Controlled Demolition’? (ZH)
China FinMin: Growth Of About 7% Is The New Normal
Don’t Forget China’s “Other” Spinning Plate: Trillions In Hidden Bad Debt (ZH)
China Stock-Market Correction Almost Done, Says PBOC Governor (Bloomberg)
Barclays Warns On Massive Cost Of China’s FX Intervention (Zero Hedge)
Hundreds Of 3-Year-Old Toddlers Have Died As A Result Of The Syrian War (WaPo)
Hungary PM Orban: Tens Of Millions Of Refugees Coming To Europe (Reuters)
The Huge Wave Of Syrian Refugees To Europe Has Only Just Begun (Haaretz)
First Trainloads Of Syrian Refugees Reach Germany (WaPo)
Elation As Migrants Received With Open Arms In Austria And Germany (Reuters)
We Are People – The Façade Of European Values (MSF-Doctors Without Borders)
Refugees Who Could Be Us (Nicholas Kristof)
Germany At Fault In Europe’s Tragic Refugee Crisis (MarketWatch)
Migration Crisis Tears At EU’s Cohesion And Tarnishes Its Image (Reuters)
East And West Europe Split As Leaders Resent Germany For Waiving Rules (Guardian)
Greece Still Needs To Build Trust: Eurogroup Head Dijsselbloem (CNBC)
Varoufakis Might Come Back To Greek Politics To Give ‘Bitter Medicine’ (BBG)
Spain Set For Secessionist Clash As Catalonia’s Election Looms (Guardian)

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