The Daily Debt Rattle

Submitted by Raúl Ilargi Meijer  –  The Automatic Earth

Father Of The Euro Fears EU Superstate By The Back Door (AEP)
UN Agencies ‘Broke And Failing’ In Face Of Ever-Growing Refugee Crisis (Guardian)
Europe Debates Migrant Quota Buyout Plan (FT)
Get Ready For A Real Lousy Month In The Stock Market (MarketWatch)
Forex Reserves Unwind Could Reverse Global Bond Supercycle (Reuters)
Capital Flight Now The Big Concern For Slowing China (FT)
China Freezes Outbound Investment Quotas as Outflows Hurt Yuan (Bloomberg)
China Revises Down 2014 GDP To 7.3% From 7.4% (CNBC, Reuters)
As Europe Grasps for Answers, More Migrants Flood Its Borders (NY Times)
Pope Francis Calls On European Parishes To House Up To 500,000 Refugees (WaPo)
‘If This Is Your Idea Of Europe, You Can Keep It’ (CNBC)
The Refugee Crisis Isn’t a ‘European Problem’ (Michael Ignatieff)
Refugee Flow Linked To Turkish Policy Shift (Kath.)
Hungarian Official Admits Campaign To Generate Hate Against Migrants (EurActiv)
Merkel Seeks $6.7 Billion for Refugees NEXT YEAR! (Bloomberg)
Greece Asks EU For Humanitarian Aid To Cope With Refugee Crisis (Reuters)
Statement By The President Of SYRIZA On The Refugees (Alexis Tsipras)
Tsipras Vows Battle To Improve Bailout After Greek Election (Reuters)
On The State Of The European Union (Yanis Varoufakis)
Greek Crisis Prompts A Rethink On Food Waste (AFP)

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