The Daily Debt Rattle

Submitted by Raúl Ilargi Meijer  –  The Automatic Earth

It Is In Warsaw Not Athens That The March Of The Euro Will Be Halted (Telegraph)
The German Counter-Attack On Juncker’s Euro Plans (FT)
Brussels Plans Radical New Eurozone Treasury And Euro Parliament (Telegraph)
Oil Could Drop as Low as $20, Goldman Says (Bloomberg)
Shale Drillers Turn to Asset Sales as Early Swagger Wanes (Bloomberg)
Emerging-Market Currencies: Things Look to Get Worse (WSJ)
Brazil Reduced To Junk As BRICS Facade Crumbles (AEP)
China’s ‘New Normal’ Growth Model Is Starting to Get Expensive (Bloomberg)
Is Today’s Volatility an Echo of 1987? (A. Gary Shilling)
UN Votes For New Debt Rules But UK, US Try To Block (Jubilee Debt Campaign)
The ECB Could Kick-Start The Economy With A Limited Basic Income (
Rajoy’s Trump-Like Candidate Poses Trump-Like Risks in Catalonia (Bloomberg)
Bribes, Debt, $100 Billion Lost: Nigeria Can’t Keep the Power On (Bloomberg)
Auckland House Prices Rising $345 A Day (NZ Herald)
Sue Your Bank, Keep Your Home, Repeat (Bloomberg)
The Civil War In Syria – Part 2 (Beppe Grillo)

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