The Daily Debt Rattle

Submitted by Raúl Ilargi Meijer  –  The Automatic Earth

• Why the Fed Should Raise Rates Now (Brad Brooks) 
• Volatility Seen Lingering No Matter What The Fed Does (Reuters) 
• Kyle Bass: China’s Real Problem Is Its Banking Sector (CNBC) 
• China Braces for Second Onshore Bond Default by State Firm (Bloomberg) 
• Chinese Retreat From Australian Property As Capital Controls Bite (AFR)
• 1,300 Hedge Funds Liquidate Amid China’s $5 Trillion Stocks Selloff (Bloomberg) 
• Chief Of Biggest China Brokerage Swept Up In Stock-Rout Probe (Bloomberg) 
• West ‘Ignored Russian Offer In 2012 To Have Syria’s Assad Step Down’ (Guardian) 
• Hungary Locks Down EU Border, Taking Migrant Crisis Into Its Own Hands (Reuters) 
• Spanish ‘Safe Cities’ Hope To Offer A Haven For Refugees (Le Monde) 
• Refugees May Become Trapped In Greece, Minister Fears (Reuters) 
• Europe’s Frontex Gears Up To Thwart Unwanted Migrants (Reuters) 
• ECB Says Quantitative Easing Relatively Small So Far (Reuters) 
• Ukraine On Brink Of Debt Deal That Greece Can Only Dream Of (Ind.)
• Tuna And Mackerel Populations Suffer Catastrophic 74% Decline (Guardian) 
• Land Degradation Costs World $10.6 Trillion A Year, 17% of World GDP (Guardian) 
• Indigenous Australia Storytelling Accurate on Sea Level Rises 7000 Years Ago (G.)