The Daily Debt Rattle

Submitted by Raúl Ilargi Meijer  –  The Automatic Earth

Europe Faces Several Decades Of Heavy Immigration (NY Times)
The Growth of Refugee Inc. (WSJ)
Refugees Face Tear Gas, Water Cannons As They Cut New Paths Through Europe (WaPo)
Turkey Threatens To Oust Refugees Camped Near Greek Border (Guardian)
Bulgaria Sends Troops To Guard Border With Turkey (Reuters)
The German Town Offering Refugees Work For €1 An Hour (Bloomberg)
Fed Decision-Day Guide: Zero Hour for Moves on Rates, Dot Plot (Bloomberg)
QE’s Cost: Fed Exit May Hit Economy Faster Than in Past Cycles (Bloomberg)
World Bank Fears ‘Perfect Storm’ As Fed Weighs First Rate Hike Since 2008 (AFP)
China Stocks Sink in Late Trade With Volatility at 18-Year High (Bloomberg)
Japan Rating Cut by S&P as Abe Falls Short of Early Promise (Bloomberg)
Goldman Sees 15 Years of Weak Crude as $20 U.S Oil Looms (Bloomberg)
Shale Oil’s Retreat Threatens to Leave US Short on Natural Gas (Bloomberg)
Macquarie: Emerging Markets Not Facing 1997-Style Crisis, But Worse (Bloomberg)
The African Nations Most Exposed to China’s Slump (Bloomberg)
Jeremy Corbyn’s QE For The People Is Exactly What The World May Soon Need (AEP)
Ukraine Bans Journalists Who ‘Threaten National Interests’ From Country (Guardian)
New Zealand Blocks Farm Purchase By Chinese Firm (BBC)
Look Out New Zealand, Here Comes Another Act of God (Bloomberg)