The Daily Debt Rattle

Submitted by Raúl Ilargi Meijer  –  The Automatic Earth

EU Refugee Summit In Disarray, Greatest Refugee Tide ‘Yet To Come’ (Guardian)
China Consumers Tighten Belts, A Red Flag For The Global Economy (Reuters)
China Prosecutor To Intensify Financial Markets Crackdown (Reuters)
China Is Sitting on an Ocean of Diesel Fuel (Bloomberg)
Bill Gross: “Mainstream America Is Being Slowly Cooked Alive” (Zero Hedge)
Deflation Supercycle Is Over As World Runs Out Of Workers (AEP)
Volkswagen Could Pose Bigger Threat To German Economy Than Greek Crisis (Reuters)
UK, France And Germany Lobbied For Flawed Car Emissions Tests (Guardian)
Volkswagen Emissions: Automakers’ Tobacco Moment? (CNBC)
Volkswagen Test Rigging Follows a Long Auto Industry Pattern (NY Times)
VW Chief Winterkorn Steps Down After Emissions Scandal (Bloomberg)
Volkswagen CEO Likely to Get $32 Million Pension After Leaving (Bloomberg)
What Volkswagen’s Crisis Could Mean for Auto Asset-Backed Securities (Alloway)
VW Recall Letters In April Warned Of An Emissions Glitch (Reuters)
How Smog Cops Busted Volkswagen and Brought Down Its CEO (Bloomberg)
West Virginia Engineer Proves To Be A David To VW’s Goliath (Reuters)
Forget ‘Developing’ Poor Countries, It’s Time To ‘De-Develop’ Rich Countries (Guardian)
‘Downsizing Could Free Up 2.5 Million British Homes’ (Guardian)
Prepare For A Catastrophic NHS Winter Meltdown (Guardian) br />

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