The Daily Debt Rattle

Submitted by Raúl Ilargi Meijer  –  The Automatic Earth

VW’s Systematic Fraud Threatens To Engulf The Entire Industry (Economist)
Volkswagen Scandal Spreads Throughout Europe’s Credit Markets (Bloomberg)
EU Warned On Devices At Centre Of VW Scandal Two Years Ago (FT)
VW Bungles Restart With New CEO From Old Guard (Reuters)
More Volkswagen Engines May Be Implicated, German Minister Says (Bloomberg)
Did -Political- Privilege Enable Volkswagen’s Diesel Deception? (Bloomberg)
Problems at Volkswagen Start in the Boardroom (NY Times)
Boehner Resigns From Congress: ‘House Leadership Turmoil Would Do Harm‘ (CNBC)
It’s All ‘Perverted’ Now as U.S. Swap Spreads Tumble Below Zero (Bloomberg)
Junk-Debt Investors Fight for Scraps as US Shale Rout Deepens (Bloomberg)
Wall Street Braces For Grim Third Quarter Earnings Season (Reuters)
It’s Carnage Out There For Emerging Markets (CNBC)
Emerging Markets Are Facing a Big Foreign FX Debt Bill (Tracy Alloway)
Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Sues Petrobras, Auditor for Fraud (WSJ)
How Much Longer Can Consumers Underpin Canada’s Economy? (Reuters)
British Spies Track “Every Visible User On The Internet” (Intercept)
Industrial Farming Is One Of The Worst Crimes In History (Guardian)
Europe’s Refugees Are Modern-Day Pioneers (McArdle)
EU To Use Warships To Curb Human Traffickers (Al Jazeera)

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