The Daily Debt Rattle

Submitted by Raúl Ilargi Meijer  –  The Automatic Earth

Cash Beats Stocks And Bonds For First Time In 25 Years (MarketWatch)
US Bonds Flash Warning Sign (WSJ)
Waiting for Collapse: USA Debt Bombs Bursting (Edstrom)
China August Industrial Profits Fall 8.8% From A Year Earlier (Reuters)
Chinese Mining Group Longmay To Cut 100,000 Coal Jobs (China Daily)
VW Proves That Global Business Has Become A Law Unto Itself (Guardian)
Seven Reasons Volkswagen Is Worse Than Enron (FT)
German Transport Authority Demands VW Car Clean-Up Plan By October 7 (Bloomberg)
VW Scandal to Hurt Its Financing Arm (WSJ)
VW Staff, Supplier Warned Of Emissions Test Cheating Years Ago (Reuters)
VW’s New CEO Is Moving Forward With a Strategy Shift (Bloomberg)
Catalan Separatists Claim Election Win As Yes Vote For Breakaway (Guardian)
Sweden’s Negative Interest Rates Have Turned Economics On Its Head (Telegraph)
Zero Inflation Looms Again for ECB as Oil Drop Counters Stimulus (Bloomberg)
Tory Welfare Cuts Will Destroy Benefit Of UK’s New Living Wage (Guardian)
Corbyn Recruits Top Global Economists to Boost Economic Credentials (Bloomberg)
Swiss Watchdog Says Opens Precious Metal Manipulation Probe (Reuters)
Rousseff Worried About Brazilian Companies With Dollar Debt (Bloomberg)
Shell Halts Alaska Oil Drilling After Disappointing Well Result (Bloomberg)
Banksy’s Dismaland To Be Taken Down And Sent To Calais To Build Shelters (PA)
500 Migrants Rescued In Mediterranean This Weekend: Italian Coastguard (AFP)

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