The Daily Debt Rattle

Submitted by Raúl Ilargi Meijer  –  The Automatic Earth

Commodity Rout Beginning to Look Like a Full-Blown Crisis (Bloomberg)
Glencore Shares Obliterated After Analysts Warn They Could Be Worthless (Tel.)
Is Glencore Worth $26 Billion Or $98 Billion? Analysts Can’t Decide (Bloomberg)
Global Stocks Set to Fall As $800 Billion Wipeout Boosts Yen, Bonds (Bloomberg)
Three Major Trends that Shaped Global Economy for Decades Set to Change (BBG)
Big Oil Faces Shrinking Prospects (FT)
Why Shell Quit Drilling In Arctic After Spending $7 Billion On Single Well (BBG)
Saudi Arabia Withdraws Billions From Markets to Plug Budget Deficit (BBG)
The Collapse Of Saudi Arabia Is Inevitable (Nafeez Ahmed)
Deutsche Bank Predicted To Cut 10,000 Jobs (Telegraph)
UK Steel Industry Buckles Under The Weight Of Cheap Chinese Product (Guardian)
VW Stock to Be Removed From Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes (Bloomberg)
Tick Tick Tick (Jim Kunstler)
Putin: West’s Rampant ‘Egotism’ To Blame For Syria, Ukraine, Isis (Guardian)
Obama Deifies American Hegemony (Paul Craig Roberts)
Barclays, HSBC Named In Swiss Precious Metals Price Fixing Investigation (TiM)
It’s Time To Unpick Corporate Welfare (Kevin Farnsworth)
Jamaica Seeks Billions Of Pounds In British Reparations For Slavery (Guardian)
New Zealand’s New Ocean Sanctuary One Of World’s Largest Protected Areas (Gua.)
More Than 1,100 Migrants Rescued Off Libyan Coast On Monday (DW)