The Daily Debt Rattle

Submitted by Raúl Ilargi Meijer  –  The Automatic Earth

US Job Growth Disappoints Even More than Usual (NY Times)
US Payrolls Disaster: Only 142K Jobs Added In September With Zero Wage Growth (ZH)
Fed: The 94.6 Million Americans Out Of The Labor Force ‘Don’t Want A Job’ (ZH)
Companies Are Cutting Jobs And Buying Back Stock At The Same Time (MarketWatch)
Credit Investors Bolt Party as Economy Fears Trump Low Rates (Bloomberg)
Market Signals Mean Investors Must Start To Question Assumptions (John Authers)
Jeff Gundlach: Expect ‘Another Wave Down’ In Markets (Reuters)
The Reality Behind The Numbers In China’s Boom-Bust Economy (Mises Inst.)
China Imposes New Capital Controls (Chang)
VW Scandal Deepens As France And Italy Launch Deception Inquiries (Guardian)
Volkswagen: Full Chronology of The Scene of the Crime (Handelsblatt)
VW Tsunami: Falsified Emissions Push Company to Limits (Spiegel)
VW Emissions Cheating Scandal Heading To US Congress (CNBC)
VW Financial Services Arm A Risk Investors May Be Overlooking (CNBC)
Canada Opposition Warns TPP Deal Not Binding Ahead Of Imminent Election (G&M)
Australia Is “Going Down Under”: “The Bubble Is About To Burst”, RBS Warns (ZH)
Half of World’s Coal Output Is Unprofitable (Bloomberg)
From Here On Out, This Is Not A Video Game – This Is Real (Martin Armstrong)
Channel Tunnel Closed As Migrants Occupy Complex (AFP)
UN Refugee Agency: Over 1.4 Million To Cross Mediterranean To Europe (Reuters)

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