The Daily Debt Rattle

Submitted by Raúl Ilargi Meijer  –  The Automatic Earth

Markets Are Back At Panic Levels, Says Credit Suisse (MarketWatch)
Post-QE “S&P Should Be Trading At Half Of Its Value”: Deutsche Bank (ZH)
Oil Slump Plays Havoc With The Junk-Bond Market (MarketWatch)
Oil Bulls Lose Faith in Recovery as Russia Adds to Global Glut (Bloomberg)
Economists Can’t Find the Silver Lining in US Jobs Report (Bloomberg)
US Hedge Funds Brace For Worst Year Since Financial Crisis (Reuters)
US System Designed To Prevent Financial Crisis ‘Likely To Fail’ (MarketWatch)
Fed’s Fischer Says Financial Stability Toolkit May Need To Grow (Reuters)
IMF’s Mass Debt Relief Call For Greece Set To Be Rejected By Europe (Telegraph)
New Greek Debt Framework Not So Flattering For Italy, Spain, Portugal (WSJ)
‘Bubbles Are All Over The Place’: Ron Paul (RT)
History Isn’t A Guide When Market Is Playing By A New Set Of Rules (Ind.)
The Failure Of Central Banking: The French Revolution Case Study (Lebowitz)
UK Car Emissions Test Body Receives 70% Of Cash From Motor Industry (Observer)
The Record US Military Budget. Spiralling Growth of America’s War Economy (Davies)
153,000 Refugees Arrived In Greece In September Alone (UNHCR)
280,000 Refugees Arrived In Germany In September (AFP)

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