The Daily Debt Rattle

Submitted by Raúl Ilargi Meijer  –  The Automatic Earth

In America, It’s Expensive To Be Poor (Economist)
Morgan Stanley Predicts Up To A 25% Collapse in Q3 FICC Revenue (Zero Hedge)
Bill Gross Sees Stocks Plunge Another 10%, Urges Flight to Cash (Bloomberg)
Treasury Auction Sees US Join 0% Club First Time Ever (FT)
Big US Firms Hold $2.1 Trillion Overseas To Avoid Taxes (Reuters)
Lower Interest Rates Hurt Consumers: Deutsche Bank (Bloomberg)
Bernanke Says ‘Not Obvious’ Economy Can Handle Interest Rates At 1% (MarketWatch)
UK Finance Chiefs Signal Sharp Fall In Risk Appetite (FT)
Commodity Collapse Has More to Go as Goldman to Citi See Losses (Bloomberg)
Emerging Market ETF Outflows Double as Losses Hit $12.4 Billion (Bloomberg)
China’s Slowing Demand Burns Gas Giants (WSJ)
BP’s Record Oil Spill Settlement Rises to More Than $20 Billion (Bloomberg)
Glencore Urges Rivals To Shut Lossmaking Mines (FT)
Norway Seen Tapping Its Wealth Fund to Ward Off Oil Slump Risks (Bloomberg)
South East Asia Economic Woes Test Built-Up Reserves, Defenses (Reuters)
Samsung Seen Tapping $55 Billion Cash Pile for Share Buyback (Bloomberg)
German Factory Orders Unexpectedly Fall in Sign of Economic Risk (Bloomberg)
Top EU Court Says US-EU Data Transfer Deal Is Invalid (Reuters)
US, Japan And 10 Countries Strike Pacific Trade Deal (FT)
TPP Trade Deal Text Won’t Be Made Public For Four Years (Ind.)
Air France Workers Rip Shirts From Executives After 2,900 Jobs Cut (Guardian)
Nearly A Third Of World’s Cacti Face Extinction (Guardian)

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