The Daily Debt Rattle

Submitted by Raúl Ilargi Meijer  –  The Automatic Earth

IMF: Next Financial Crash Inevitable, With Same Flaws As Last Time (Guardian)
IMF Warns Emerging Market Companies Have Overborrowed $3 Trillion (Reuters)
Banks’ Exposure To Glencore Is a $100 Billion ‘Gorilla’: BofA (Bloomberg)
Deutsche Bank Sees $7 Billion In Q3 Losses, Writedowns (NY Times)
Germany’s Exports Plunge 5.2% In August, Most Since January 2009 (Bloomberg)
Once the Biggest Buyer, China Starts Dumping U.S. Government Debt (WSJ)
Powerful Democratic Senator Launches Inquiry Into Bank Misconduct (WSJ)
Four Ways the Oil Price Crash Is Hurting the Global Economy (Bloomberg)
For Volkswagen, New Questions Arise on US Injury Reporting (Bloomberg)
Apple’s Real Cash Pile Is 99% Smaller Than You Think (MarketWatch)
Brazil President Dilma Rousseff Loses Legal Battle, Faces Impeachment (Guardian)
The World’s Silliest Empire (Dmitry Orlov)
EU Court Dismisses Investors’ Claims Against ECB Over Greek Debt (Reuters)
40% EU Budget For Greece Migration Goes To Security, Border Control (Fotiadis)
Merkel Rules Out Freeze On Refugee Intake (DW)
Monsanto To Cut 2600 Jobs, Lose $500 Million, Shares Down 24% In 2015 (Forbes)
St. Louis Girds For Catastrophe As 5-Year Underground Fire Nears Nuke Waste (AP)
World’s Oceans Facing Biggest Coral Die-Off In History (Guardian)
Coral Reefs Worth Four Times As Much As UK Economy: Earth Index (Guardian)

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