The Daily Debt Rattle

Submitted by Raúl Ilargi Meijer  –  The Automatic Earth

September Liquidity Crisis Forced Fed Into Massive Reverse Repo Operation (IRD)
Bank Of England Warns Financial Institutions Over Commodities Exposure (Guardian)
If You Thought China’s Equity Bubble Was Scary, Check Out Bonds (Bloomberg)
CEO: Deutsche Isn’t Worth What It Once Was And Can’t Pay What It Used To (BBG)
Day After Deutsche Says Not All’s Well, Credit Suisse Also Admits Trouble (ZH)
Bruised Germany Is Canary in Coal Mine for Europe Economic Woes (Bloomberg)
Saudi Arabia Orders Deep Spending Curbs Amid Oil Price Slump (Bloomberg)
Former IMF Chief Economist Blanchard Backs ‘People’s QE’ (Reuters)
Hong Kong High Street Shop Rents Fall Up To 43% From Their Peaks (SCMP)
Bill Gross Sues Pimco For At Least $200 Million (NY Times)
Ponzi Suspect’s 17 Accounts Raise Questions Over Bank Safeguards (Bloomberg)
Why This Feels Like A Depression For Most People (Jim Quinn)
VW Exec Blames ‘A Couple Of’ Rogue Engineers For Emissions Scandal (LA Times)
VW Facilities, Worker Homes Raided in Diesel Investigation (Bloomberg)
US House Slams Regulators For Not Catching VW For Years (Reuters)
Four More Carmakers Join ‘Dieselgate’ Emissions Row (Guardian)
Merkel Slams Eastern Europeans On Migration (Politico)
542 People Rescued In 24 Hours Off Greece (AP)
Baby Dies After Migrant Boat Breaks Down Off Greek Island Lesbos (Reuters)

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