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• The Golden Age Of Central Banks Is At An End – Time To Tax And Spend? (Guardian) 
• QE Causes Deflation, Not Inflation (Josh Brown) 
• Western Economies Still Too Weak To Handle Fed Rate Rise, Says China (Guardian) 
• The World Still Needs A Way To Stop Hot Money Scalding Us All (Guardian) 
• Glencore Shares Halted Pending Statement On Proposed Asset Sales (Bloomberg) 
• Commodity Contagion Sparks Second Credit Crisis As Investors Panic (Telegraph)
• Japan Inc. Sounds Alarm On Consumer Spending (Reuters) 
• World Cannot Spend Its Way Out Of A Slump, Warns OECD Chief (Telegraph) 
• Growing Government Debt Will Test Euro-Zone Solidarity (Paul) 
• EU Bank Chief ‘Could Recall Volkswagen Loans’ (BBC) 
• UK Government Emissions Tester Paid £80 Million By Car Firms (Telegraph) 
• Volkswagen’s Home City Enveloped In Fear, Anger And Disbelief (FT) 
• The Russians Are Fleeing London’s Stock Market (Bloomberg) 
• Soaring London House Prices Sucking Cash Out Of Economy (Guardian) 
• Australia Housing Bust Now The Greatest Recession Risk (SMH) 
• Don’t Let The Nobel Prize Fool You. Economics Is Not A Science (Joris Luyendijk) 
• The Tragic Ending To Obama’s Bay Of Pigs: CIA Hands Over Syria To Russia (ZH) 
• EU Must Stop ‘Racist Criteria’ In Refugee Relocation – Greece (Reuters) 

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