5 days to 5 stars: The movement Quirinale

Submitted by Beppe Grillo  – The Beppe Grillo Blog

The M5S will stop at nothing to make themselves heard. This week we got even at the Quirinale: the parent company spokesman Gianluca Castaldi and George Sorial made available to the President Mattarella our concerns to the path of reform, freedom of RAI , and for the stability law that has not even a text. We also took the opportunity to remind the President the proposal on CBI.

About RAI, Robert Fico classroom complaint as government reform deprive RAI of its public service tasks. Premier squares promised heaven and earth, only to do the exact opposite once in power: RAI must now tell the people that “all is well”. And the “opposition”? All lined up in hopes of a chair, the only M5S fights for a free RAI.

Not the best situation of the Bank of Italy, which should keep watch on our money but instead Commissioner healthy banks (for svenderle “friends”?), Ignores the ailing Monte dei Paschi, and you investigate the governor. The banking system needs to be reformed, as we explain Alessio Villarosa and Daniele Peach along with Elio Lannutti.
In the Senate, John Endrizzi announces a small great victory of the M5S: go in the classroom our bill against the advertising of gambling. A law built with citizens and not with the lobby, and now we will see the many talkers parties who will support the real.

In Brussels, the M5S promotes major conference for an exit strategy from the euro, with renowned experts who were given directions to a Plan B. Yes, because as support our spokesperson Marco Valli and Marco Zanni, leave the euro is possible and perhaps even inevitable, and no time to prepare a plan B is madness.
Again the Senate by Louis Gaetti biodiversity. We managed to improve the text of the majority with our proposals, that have made ​​the measure useful and functional. M5S, in line with what has always supported, then voted in favor.

The House instead Luigi Di Maio reminds all forgetful that Benevento is underwater, and the amnesiac Rignano that with the millions spent on its aircraft luxury one could begin to secure the area.
Finally, in Brussels M5S promotes a conference on the economy round. Our Dario Tamburrano recalls that the circular economy is the new model for energy independence and economic integration of European countries, and gives the European Commissioner for the Environment a small compost produced with a 3D printer. Beppe, once again, was a pioneer.  M5s Parliament