The Daily Debt Rattle

Submitted by Raúl Ilargi Meijer  –  The Automatic Earth

• Pensioners Prosper, The Young Suffer. UK Social Contract Is Breaking (Willetts) 
• Putting China’s “6.9% GDP Growth” In Context (Lebowitz) 
• China Premier Says 7% Growth Goal Never Set In Stone (Reuters) 
• China Communist Party Paper Says Country Should Join TTIP (Reuters)
• Cyber Attacks Bigger Threat To Our Banking System Than Bad Debts (Luyendijk) 
• The Age Of The Torporation (Economist) 
• Listen – Is That The Sound Of A Bubble Bursting Down Under? (Steve Keen) 
• Mortgage Rate Rises Too Little, Too Late For Australia’s Bloated Banks (David) 
• Portugal Left Vows To Topple Government With No-Confidence Vote (Reuters) 
• More Syrians Risk Deadly Crossings To Greece In Race Against Winter (Guardian) 
• Hotspot ‘Solution’ Deepens Europe’s Refugee Crisis (IRIN)
• Bodies Of 40 Migrants Wash Ashore In Libya (AP) 
• Europe Split On Migrant Crisis On Eve Of Brussels Talks (Reuters) 
• Balkan Countries Threaten To Close Borders If Germany Does (Reuters) 
• Refugee Crisis Agreement Between Serbia And Croatia ( 
• Tampons, Sterile Cotton, Sanitary Pads Contaminated With Monsanto Glyphosate (RT)