The Daily Debt Rattle

Submitted by Raúl Ilargi Meijer  –  The Automatic Earth

• US Economic Data Has Never Been This Weak For This Long (Zero Hedge) 
• US Companies Warn of Pending Recession (WSJ) 
• EU Agrees To Tighten Border Controls And Slow Migrant Arrival (AP) 
• Tensions Rise Between European Nations Over Refugee Crisis (Bloomberg) 
• Greece Says Refugees Are Not Enemies, Refuses to Protect Borders From Them (WSJ) 
• European Trust: The Perfect Storm (Mungiu-Pippidi) 
• China Containerized Freight Index Collapses to Worst Level Ever (WolfStreet) 
• A China Twist: Why Are Malls Closing If Consumption Is Rising? (Reuters) 
• China’s Leaders Shift From Short-Term Stimulus to Five-Year Plan (Bloomberg) 
• China Banks Turn To Investors For More Capital As Bad Loans Pile Up (Reuters) 
• ‘Deflationary Boom’ In Prospect As China Slows (FT) 
• Why China’s Interest Rate Cut May Be Bad News For The World Economy (Guardian) 
• Emerging Currencies’ Fate Looms Large In Rich World Rates Policy (Reuters) 
• Africa Is In Grave Danger From The Global Economic Slowdown (Telegraph) 
• Japan’s Struggling Economy Finds ‘Abenomics’ Is Not an Easy Fix (NY Times) 
• Reality Keeps Catching Up With BOJ’s Inflation Forecasts (Bloomberg) 
• When Greeks Fled To Syria (Kath.)