The Daily Debt Rattle

Submitted by Raúl Ilargi Meijer  –  The Automatic Earth

What’s Happened To International Bank Lending? (WEF)
Greek Creditors Refuse To Make Next Loan Payment (Zero Hedge)
‘Giant Wave of Money’ Headed for Sweden Creates Policy Nightmare (Bloomberg)
Oil Supply Hits 85-Year High in US (Bloomberg)
Bakken Oil Companies Declare Bankruptcy (BT)
Economists Prove That Capitalism Is Unnecessary (Steve Keen)
Keen vs. Keen: Will the Real Steve Keen Please Stand Up? (Mish)
Bernanke’s Bogus Contra-Factual, 1: The Myth Of Great Depression 2.0 (Stockman)
Something Happened (Jim Kunstler)
Rajoy Calls Election for Spain Against Backdrop of Party Unrest (Bloomberg)
Portugal’s Constitutional Crisis Threatens All European Democracies (Telegraph)
Goldman Sachs Banker Likely To Face Jail Amid Rare Criminal Charges (Guardian)
EC Approves Aid As Greece Prepares To Host More Migrants (Kath.)
Slovenia To Hire Private Security Firms To Manage Migrant Flows (Reuters)
Italy Says EU’s Response ‘Inadequate’ as Refugee Numbers Surge (Bloomberg)
Using The Refugee Crisis (Boukalas)
Big-Game Hunters Are Killing African Lions In Record Numbers (Bloomberg)
Indonesia’s Forest Fires Labelled A ‘Crime Against Humanity’