Germany blocks TTIP, now it is up to Italy

Submitted by Beppe Grillo  – The Beppe Grillo Blog

The TTIP is a trade agreement between the US and EU of which we know little or nothing. Not only because of the Italian media (at 73 th place in the world ) that avoids raising the debate on the issue, but also because the documents relating to the agreement are kept secret . The negotiation of the terms of the Treaty took place between a group of bureaucrats. EU member states have not entered the negotiating process and are now being questioned for the ratification.

Without going through the approval of the people, just the signature of heads of government not elected by anyone (in the case of Italy and Portugal ), that national interests do not care.
In Germany a few weeks ago two hundred thousand people took to the informed Square say no to TTIP with a massive demonstration that invaded the city of Berlin with hundreds of initiatives between flashmob, principals, seminars and public events.

Pictures of the event in Berlin NoTTIP




It did not go unnoticed because right after Norbert Lammert , President of the Bundestag (Federal Parliament of Germany), said: ” I exclude categorically that the Bundestag will ratify a trade agreement between the European Union and the United States never having participated in the negotiations and not having even been able to consider alternative options ”. Together with Economy MinisterSigmar Gabriel , Lammert believes that ” so far limited access to information on the US side is unacceptable, both for the government and for Parliament ”.

The institutions do not speak Italian. Laura Boldrini in June had met Cecilia Malmstrom , EU Commissioner in charge of TTIP. At the time, Boldrini had spoken of an agreement to make it more transparent to the Treaty and not to ” treat downward on health and environment . ” Empty words . After months the Treaty is not transparent and there is no guarantee for health and environment:Boldrini knock once!

VIDEO Berlin streets against the TTIP!

The Italian institution and the government want to ratify the TTIP and serve the interests of the lobbies and multinationals. Do not move a finger to protect the interests of Italy. We can not trust them. The people must defend themselves.Italian citizens must be able to express their will on TTIP that will bring to their tables chlorinated chicken and other food aberrations and give the final blow to SMEs and homegrown M5S is planning to do so that this will happen as soon as possible. Parliament will take note. #NoTTIP .