The Daily Debt Rattle

Submitted by Raúl Ilargi Meijer  –  The Automatic Earth

Industrial-Scale Misery As Soaked Refugees Pour Onto Greece’s Lesbos (CBC)
Record 218,000 Migrants Crossed Mediterranean In October, Says UN (AFP)
Total Of 19 Dead Recovered From Aegean Sea On Sunday (AP)
Plastic Boat Sinks Off Greece, Killing 11 Refugees (NY Times)
Refugee Crisis Was Not Unexpected, Top UN Official Says (Kath.)
Merkel’s Refugee Troubles Mount as Allies Clash on Border Plans (Bloomberg)
Bonds Send Same Ominous Signs No Matter Where in the World (Bloomberg)
Apocalypse Now: Has The Next Giant Financial Crash Already Begun? (Paul Mason)
Down $4 Trillion, China Faithful Buy Stocks That Hurt Them Most (Bloomberg)
Enlargement And The Euro Are Two Big Mistakes That Ruined Europe (Münchau)
Eurozone Banks Still Swamped With Bad Loans (Telegraph)
Europe Prolongs Its Diesel Problem (Bloomberg Ed.)
Puerto Rico Doesn’t Need Bankruptcy (WSJ)
Brexit Is A Life Or Death Matter For Britain’s Farmers (AEP)
Greece Sets Terms for Aiding $15.9 Billion Bank Recapitalization (Bloomberg)
IMF Pushes Europe For Formal Restructuring Accord On Greek Debt (Bloomberg)
Things Can Get Even Worse For Renewable Energy Companies (Dizard)