The Daily Debt Rattle

Submitted by Raúl Ilargi Meijer  –  The Automatic Earth

US Looks Set For December Interest Rate Rise After Jobs Boost (Guardian)
US Jobs Report: Workers Aged 25-54 Lose 35K Jobs, 55+ Gain 378K (Zero Hedge)
Peter Schiff: It’s Going To Be A ‘Horrible Christmas’ (CNBC)
US Consumer Credit Has Biggest Jump In History, Government-Funded (Bloomberg)
Primary Dealers Are Liquidating Corporate Bonds At An Unprecedented Pace (ZH)
Will China’s Consumers Step Up In 2016? (Bloomberg)
China’s Demand For Cars Has Slowed. Overcapacity Is The New Normal. (Bloomberg)
World’s Largest Steel Maker ArcelorMittal Loses $700 Million in Q3 (NY Times)
Berlin Accomplices: The German Government’s Role in the VW Scandal (Spiegel)
EU Asks Members To Investigate After VW Admits New Irregularities (Reuters)
VW Says Will Cover Extra CO2 And Fuel Usage Taxes Paid By EU Drivers (Guardian)
Goldman Sachs Dumps Stock Pledged By Valeant Chief (FT)
New Countdown For Greece: A Bank Bail-In Is Looming (Minenna)
UK Care Home Sector In ‘Meltdown’, Threatened By US Vulture Fund (Ind.)
US Congress Proposes A Chilling Resolution On Social Security (Simon Black)
Germany Imposes Surprise Curbs On Syrian Refugees (Guardian)
Germany Receives Nearly Half Of All Syrian Asylum Applicants (Guardian)
Sweden Feels The Refugee Strain (Bloomberg)
Sweden Tells Refugees ‘Stay in Germany’ as Ikea Runs Out of Beds (Bloomberg)
Greek Coast Guard: Five More Migrants Found Dead (Kath.)