The Daily Debt Rattle

Submitted by Raúl Ilargi Meijer  –  The Automatic Earth

Interest Rate Swaps Indicate Big Banks Safer Than US Government (Bloomberg)
World’s Biggest Bond Bubble Continues To Burst As China Defaults Rise (ZH)
China Credit Growth Slows As Tepid Economy Erodes Loan Demand (Bloomberg)
China Coal Bubble: 155 Coal-Fired Power Plants To Be Added To Overcapacity (GP)
China Warns WTO Its Cheap Exports Will Soon Be Harder To Resist (Reuters)
Germany’s ‘Wise Men’ Call ECB Policies Risk To Financial Stability (Reuters)
‘Sick Man Of Europe’ Finland Agonises Over Austerity (Reuters)
Syriza Faces Mass Strike In Greece (Guardian)
Why Owning A House Is Financial Suicide (Altucher)
Major Oil Companies Have Half-Trillion Dollars to Fund Takeovers (Bloomberg)
US Energy Default Alarms Get Louder as Pain Seen Lasting Into 2016 (Bloomberg)
Saudi Arabia Risks Destroying OPEC And Feeding The ISIL Monster (AEP)
Germany Cites Signs of More Elevated Diesel Pollution in Probe (Bloomberg)
The Melting Arctic Is Like ‘Discovering A New Africa’ (CNBC)
Europe’s Leaders Struggle To Save Floundering Migrant Policy (FT)
EU Leaders Court Turkey in Bid to Stem Flow of Refugees (Bloomberg)
EU’s Deep Dilemmas Over Refugees Laid Bare At Malta Summit (Guardian)
Tiny Slovenia Tries To Stem Massive Migrant Surge Across Balkans (AP)