The Daily Debt Rattle

Submitted by Raúl Ilargi Meijer  –  The Automatic Earth

• Credit Bust In Rich Countries Caused Credit Boom In Emerging Markets (Economist)
• Irish President: Unaccountable Forces Are Running EU (IT)
• The Global Economy Slows Down. Is It Recession Or Protectionism? (Guardian)
• Yuan’s Rise Means World Economy Takes Step To Greater Stability (Bloomberg)
• Whistleblower At HBOS Bank Attacks ‘Ludicrously Bad’ City Regulation (Guardian)
• More Tough Measures Loom As Greece Eyes Bailout Loans (Kath.)
• ECB Demands Portugal’s Novo Banco Plug $1.5 Billion Capital Hole (Reuters)
• The Streets of Paris Are as Familiar to Me as the Streets of Beirut (Joey Ayoub)
• After Paris, Europe May Never Feel As Free Again (Guardian)
• What’s Next for Migrants After Paris? (Atlantic)
• Syrian Refugees In France Say Paris Terror Is The Terror They Fled (BuzzFeed)
• There Is Only One Way to Defeat ISIS (Esquire)
• Syrian Transition Plan Reached by US, Russia in Vienna (Bloomberg)
• Poland to Shun Refugees After Paris Attack, Future Minister Says (Bloomberg)
• After Mass Extinctions, The Meek (Fish) Inherit The Earth (WaPo)
• Two Refugee Children Die In Greece In Separate Incidents (Kath.)