The Daily Debt Rattle

Submitted by Raúl Ilargi Meijer  –  The Automatic Earth

Japan ‘Quintuple Dip’ Recession Delivers A Fresh Blow To Abenomics (Reuters)
Asia Pacific Shares Fall Sharply On Paris Attacks, Japanese Recession (Guardian)
Quiet US Ports Spark Slowdown Fears (WSJ)
Debt Market Distortions Go Global as Nothing Makes Sense Anymore (Bloomberg)
China’s Currency Path and the Dollar-Debt Time Bomb (WSJ)
China’s Banks Aren’t Feeling the Love (Bloomberg)
As China Firms Walk Out On Wall St., Spurned Investors Demand Payback (Reuters)
What To Do About Debt (Kazul-Wright)
Greece Misses Bailout Deadline As Talks With Creditors Drag On (Guardian)
It Is Hard To See How Italy Can Stay In The Eurozone (Münchau)
Europe’s Youths Yearn to Move as Prosperity Proves Elusive (Bloomberg)
Merkel Warns Against Drawing Innocent Refugees Into Terror Fight (Bloomberg)
US States To Turn Away Syrian Refugees (CNBC)
Brazil Mining Flood Could Devastate Environment For Years (Reuters)
An Alternative Long Shot (Theo Kitchener)
Snow Decline, Water Shortage To Hit 2 Billion Living in N. Hemisphere (Reuters)