The Daily Debt Rattle

Submitted by Raúl Ilargi Meijer  –  The Automatic Earth

• Total US Household Debt Hits $12.1 Trillion As Subprime Auto Lending Jumps (WSJ)
• US Oil Producer Bankruptcies Are Piling Up (WSJ)
• Low Crude Prices Catch Up With the US Oil Patch (WSJ)
• Speculators Test Saudi Currency As Oil Crisis Deepens (AEP)
• Petrobras’s Dangerous Debt Math: $24 Billion Owed in 24 Months (Bloomberg)
• Bank of Japan To Switch To Indicators That Show Rising Prices (Reuters)
• Mario Draghi All But Announced an Expansion of ECB QE (Fortune)
• The Power And The Impotence Of The ECB (Steve Keen)
• Financially Engineered Stocks Drag Down S&P 500 (WolfStreet)
• Volkswagen’s Emissions Scandal Is Getting Even Bigger, Again (AP)
• EU Journalists Take European Parliament To Court Over Expense Accounts (EUO)
• Australia Is A ‘Plaything’ Of World Economic Forces It Can’t Control (Guardian)
• ‘Terrible’ Public Finance Figures Heap Pressure On UK Chancellor (Ind.)
• Is It Time To Close The Door To Foreign Buyers Of British Property? (Guardian)
• A Nation Of Immigrants Wants To Close Its Doors (MarketWatch)
• How Refugees Are Selected, Vetted, And Settled In The United States (Quartz)
• EU-Turkey Refugee Talks Turn Sour As Erdogan Belittles Juncker
• Merkel Slowly Changes Tune on Refugee Issue (Spiegel)
• Over 900,000 Migrants Arrived In Germany This Year (Reuters)


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