The Daily Debt Rattle

Submitted by Raúl Ilargi Meijer  –  The Automatic Earth

• Will $4.6 Trillion Leveraged Loan Market Cause Next Financial Crisis? (Cohan)
• Asia-Europe Container Freight Rates Drop 70% in 3 Weeks (Reuters)
• Nightmare of Mario Draghi’s Crowded Trade (FT)
• The Long, Cold Winter Ahead (Tenebrarum)
• Oil Companies Brace For Big Wave Of Debt Defaults (CNBC)
• Eurozone Agrees Greece Can Get Next Loan Tranche, Cash For Bank Recap (Reuters)
• Half Of UK Care Homes To Close If £2.9 Billion Gap Is Not Plugged (Guardian)
• Report Urges UK Government To Act Now To Avoid Energy Crisis (EAEM)
• How Did a UK Power Plant Get 25 Times the Market Price? (Bloomberg)
• State Of Emergency In Crimea After Electricity Pylons ‘Blown Up’ (Reuters)
• Brazil Dam Toxic Mud Reaches Atlantic Ocean (BBC)
• Deforestation Threatens Majority of Amazon Tree Species (PSMag)
• Saudi Arabia, an ISIS That Has Made It (NY Times)
• The Saudi Connection to Terror (Daniel Lazare)
• Terrorism Links Trigger Greater Scrutiny For Greece (Kath.)
• Chaos In Greek Islands Over Three-Tier Refugee Registration System (Guardian)


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