The Daily Debt Rattle

Submitted by Raúl Ilargi Meijer  –  The Automatic Earth

• Commodity Slump Deepens as Dollar Gains; European Stocks Slide (Bloomberg)
• Europe Warned On ‘Permanent’ Downturn Amid PMIs (CNBC)
• Euro Drops To Seven-Month Low As Draghi Feeds Bears (Bloomberg)
• Zinc Producers Keep Cutting Back, Yet Prices Keep Falling (Bloomberg)
• Barclays Bets On Stock Boom As World Money Growth Soars (AEP)
• Masters of the Finance Universe Are Worried About China (Bloomberg)
• Is the Surge in Stock Buybacks Good or Evil? (WSJ)
• You’re Not the Yuan That I Want (Bloomberg)
• UK Deficit Could Hit £40 Billion By 2020 On Ill-Advised Cuts (Guardian)
• Everything We Hold Dear Is Being Cut To The Bone. Weep For Our Country (Hutton)
• Five Years Into Austerity, Britain Prepares For More Cuts (Reuters)
• Save The Library, Lose The Pool: Britain’s Austere New Reality (Guardian)
• Greek Disposable Income Shrinks Twice As Fast As GDP (Kath.)
• Cut Oil Supply or Drop Riyal Peg? Saudis Face ‘Critical’ Choice (Bloomberg)
• Oil Deal of the Year: Mexico Set for $6 Billion Hedging Windfall (Bloomberg)
• London House Prices Have Nothing on Auckland (Bloomberg)
• We Still Haven’t Grasped That This Is War Without Frontiers (Robert Fisk)
• Yanis Varoufakis: Europe Is Being Broken Apart By Refugee Crisis (Guardian)
• Life After Schengen: What a Europe With Borders Would Look Like (Bloomberg)
• Greek Concerns Mount Over Refugees As Balkan Countries Restrict Entry (Guardian)
• Why Syrian Refugees Are Not A Threat To America (Forbes)


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