The Daily Debt Rattle

Submitted by Raúl Ilargi Meijer  –  The Automatic Earth

• Negative Interest, the War on Cash and the $10 Trillion Bail-In (Ellen Brown)
• Sub-Zero Debt Increases To $2 Trillion In Eurozone On Draghi (Bloomberg)
• Soaring Global Debt – The Reality Check in Numbers (O’Byrne)
• The Closing Of The Global Economy (Calhoun)
• Harmless Commodity Crash Accelerates As Dollar Soars (AEP)
• Ireland Is Backing Itself (David McWilliams)
• Greek Home Rental Costs 40% Less Since 2011 (Kath.)
• Four In 10 Greeks ‘Overburdened’ By Housing Costs (Kath.)
• Greek Shipping Currency Inflows Drop 53% In September (Kath.)
• Inadequate Dirty Money Regulation ‘Leaves UK Open To Terror Funds’ (Reuters)
• Cameron Has Guns, Bombs And A Plane – And Not One Good Idea (Hitchens)
• Scale Of Osborne’s Cuts To Police, Education, Councils ‘Unprecedented’ (Mirror)
• Austeria – A Nation Robs Its Poor To Pay For The Next Big Crash (Chakrabortty)
• Richard Russell, Publisher of Dow Theory Letters, Dies at 91 (Bloomberg)
• VW Admits Second Illegal Device In 85,000 Audi Engines (FT)
• Average House In Fort McMurray Lost $117,000, 20% Of Its Value In 1 Year (CH)
• This Is The Worst Time For Society To Go On Psychopathic Autopilot (F. Boyle)
• Varoufakis: Closing Borders To Muslim Refugees Only Fuels Terrorism (Guardian)
• Average Stay Is 17 Years: Refugee Camps Are The “Cities Of Tomorrow” (Dezeen)
• Canada To Turn Away Single Men As Part Of Syrian Refugee Resettlement Plan (AFP)
• Stranded Migrants Block Railway, Call Hunger Strike (Reuters)


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