The Daily Debt Rattle

Submitted by Raúl Ilargi Meijer  –  The Automatic Earth

• Yellen Says ‘Looking Forward’ To Day Of First Rate Rise In Decade (Reuters)
• Opposition To ECB Stimulus Could Lead To Watered-Down QE Plan (FT)
• Equities Peak 12-18 Months After A Peak In Margins; We’re Now 15 Months In (ZH)
• Commodity-Related -Junk- Bonds Face Big Losses: Moody’s (MarketWatch)
• Oil Speculators Risk ‘Short Squeeze’ If Impulsive Saudi Prince Throws OPEC Surprise (AEP)
• China Says To Cut Power Sector Emissions By 60% By 2020 (Reuters)
• Russia Presents Proof Of Turkey’s Role In ISIS Oil Trade (RT)
• The Greatest Economic Collapses in History (
• Brazil Goes From Crisis to Crisis as Impeachment Bid Moves Ahead (BBG)
• Massive El Niño Sweeping Globe Is Now The Biggest Ever Recorded (NS)
• More Than A Quarter Of UK Birds Are Fighting For Survival (Guardian)
• Kicking Greece Out Of Schengen Won’t Stop The Refugee Crisis (Guardian)
• (Greek) EU Commissioner Tells Athens To Speed Up Border Controls (Kath.)
• Leaked Memo Reveals EU Plan To Suspend Schengen For Two Years (Zero Hedge)
• Greece Is Back At The Heart Of EU’s Existential Crisis (Telegraph)
• Detain Refugees Arriving In Europe For 18 Months, Says Tusk (Guardian)
• Half A Million Syrian Refugees Could Be Resettled To EU: Hungary PM (Reuters)
• Greece Spent €1 Billion On Refugees, Got €30 Million In EU Assistance (Reuters)