The Daily Debt Rattle

Submitted by Raúl Ilargi Meijer  –  The Automatic Earth

• Stocks Plunge With Dollar, Bonds as ECB Decisions Disappoint (BBG)
• Mario Draghi Riles Germany With QE Overkill (AEP)
• “But It’s Just A 0.25% Rate Hike, What’s The Big Deal?” (ZH)
• Bankruptcy Might Be the Mining Industry’s Last Best Hope (BBG)
• “Distress” in US Corporate Debt Spikes to 2009 Level (WolfStreet)
• Hong Kong Housing Bubble Collapses, Sales Plunge 42% (ZH)
• For China, The Real Battle For A Global Currency Is Just Beginning (BBG)
• Top China Cop Targets Bankers After Putting Away Security Czar (BBG)
• America’s Leadership Just Doesn’t Seem To Get It (Tanosborn)
• It’s So Bad in Brazil That Olympians Will Have to Pay for Their Own AC (BBG)
• Putin Wants Russia To Become World’s Biggest Exporter Of Non-GMO Food (RT)
• Financial Engineering To Save The Planet (Kaminska)
• Denmark Rejects Closer EU Ties as Skeptics Dominate Referendum (BBG)
• Greece Asks EU For Help With Refugees Following Threats (Kath.)
• World’s Woes Huddle on Greek Shores as Another Crisis Year Looms (BBG)