The Daily Debt Rattle

Submitted by Raúl Ilargi Meijer  –  The Automatic Earth

• Warning: Half Of Oil Junk Bonds Could Default (CNN)
• Junk Fund’s Demise Fuels Concern Over Bond Rout (WSJ)
• Kinder Morgan – Poster Boy For Bubble Finance (Stockman)
• Oil Producers Offset Fall In Prices By Raising Output (Reuters)
• Zombies Appear In US Oilfields As Crude Plumbs New Lows (Reuters)
• What Went Wrong in Oil-Price Forecasts? (WSJ)
• China Has Officially Joined the Currency Wars (ET)
• China Yuan Falls To Lowest Since August 2011 Versus Dollar (CNBC)
• Let’s Just Hope Shipping Isn’t Telling the Real Story of China (BBG)
• How to Break the Wall Street to Washington Merry-Go-Round (DaCosta)
• Give Me Only Good News! (Grantham)
• First Government Plane Carrying Refugees Arrives in Canada (AP)
• Greece Struggles With Creditors To Keep Bad Loans From ‘Vultures’ (Reuters)
• EU To Sue Greece, Italy, Croatia Over Migrants (AP)
• Stranded Migrants Relocated in Athens Arena, Many Disperse (GR)
• Behind Angela Merkel’s Open Door for Migrants (WSJ)
• Four More Bodies Found In Aegean After Boat Sinks (AP)
• EU Plans Border Force To Police External Frontiers (FT)