The Daily Debt Rattle

Submitted by Raúl Ilargi Meijer  –  The Automatic Earth


• Russia Calls Saudi Bluff, Plans $40 Oil For Seven Years (AEP)
• December 16, 2015 – When The End Of The Bubble Begins (Stockman)
• Stocks Are More Overvalued Now Than At 2000 And 2007 Peaks (MarketWatch)
• As Commercial Real-Estate Prices Soar, Fed Weighs Consequences (WSJ)
• Why The Junk Bond Selloff Is Getting Very Scary (MarketWatch)
• Carl Icahn: Junk Bond Market A ‘Keg Of Dynamite’ (CNBC)
• It Starts: Junk-Bond Fund Implodes, Investors Stuck (WS)
• Gundlach Says ‘Never Just One Cockroach’ In Any Credit Meltdown (Reuters)
• Third Avenue Redemption Freeze Sends Chill Through Credit Market (BBG)
• Stone Lion Capital Partners Suspends Redemptions in Credit Hedge Funds (WSJ)
• Bank of Canada Crushes Loonie, Creates Mother of All Shorts (WS)
• China Property Firms’ Debt Issuance Jumps, More To Come (Reuters)
• Even the Mafia Wants Out of Italy’s South (BBG)
• New Superbug Resistant To All Antibiotics Linked To Imported Meat (Forbes)
• Banksy Uses Steve Jobs Artwork To Highlight Refugee Crisis (Guardian)