The Daily Debt Rattle

Submitted by Raúl Ilargi Meijer  –  The Automatic Earth


• Why A 0.25% Rate Hike Should Have Big Banks Nervous But Probably Won’t (Bern)
• “Coppock Guide” Signals A Bear Market Is At Hand (ZH)
• Junk-Bond Rout Deepens, Sends Shockwaves Through Stocks, Other Markets (WSJ)
• Junk-Bond Fund’s Demise Highlights SEC Mutual-Fund Worries (WSJ)
• China Steel Output Slumps to a One-Year Low as Prices Collapse (BBG)
• Missing Chinese Billionaire ‘Assisting Authorities in an Investigation’ (WSJ)
• US Senators Close in on Oil-Export Deal Amid Tax-Break Talks (BBG)
• EU Powerless to Stop Nationalist Ascendancy as Terror Fears Rise (BBG)
• French Vote for Regions as Main Parties Seek to Shut Out Le Pen (BBG)
• Julian Assange May Face Swedish Interrogation Within Days (Guardian)
• James Hansen, Father Of Climate Change Awareness: Paris Talks ‘A Fraud’ (Guar.)
• No Mention In Paris Of Refugees: Global Issues Live In Separate Boxes (Betts)
• The Athens Lawyer Who Became A Guardian To Refugee Camp Children (Guardian)