The Daily Debt Rattle

Submitted by Raúl Ilargi Meijer  –  The Automatic Earth

• Fed Weighs Merits Of Jumbo Portfolio In Post-Crisis Era (Reuters)
• This Is a Test of the Shadow Banking System (BBG ed.)
• Why High-Yield Debt Selloff Isn’t 2007 All Over Again. Or Is It? (BBG)
• Foreigners Sell A Record $55.2 Billion In US Treasuries In October (ZH)
• The Guy Who Warned About Libor Sees Fast-Money Financing as New Risk (Alloway)
• The Current Credit Crisis Might Be 35 Times Worse Than You Thought (Yahoo)
• Inside Oil’s Deep Dive (BBG)
• The Oil Market Just Keeps Tearing Up Draghi’s Inflation Forecasts (BBG)
• Emergency OPEC Meeting Aired As Russia Braces For Sub-$30 Oil (AEP)
• Italy Says Financial System Solid As Bank Rescue Furor Grows (Reuters)
• Thousands Of Jobs To Disapper At Greek Banks (Kath.)
• Hillary Clinton’s Chronic Caution On The Big Banks (Nomi Prins)
• When The World Turns Dark (Coppola)
• Vegetarian And ‘Healthy’ Diets May Actually Be Worse For The Environment (SA)
• Decline In Over 75% Of UK Butterfly Species Is ‘Final Warning’ (Guardian)
• Record High 2015 Arctic Temperatures Have ‘Profound Effects’ (Guardian)
• Far Fewer People Entering Germany With Fake Syrian Passports Than Claimed (AFP)
• EU Says Only 64 -Of 66,000- Refugees Have Been ‘Relocated’ From Greece (AP)