The Daily Debt Rattle

Submitted by Raúl Ilargi Meijer  –  The Automatic Earth

• Rate Rally Fizzles as Dow Loses 621 Points in 2 Days (WSJ)
• Explaining Today’s “Massive Stop Loss” Quad-Witching Market Waterfall (ZH)
• Hedge Funds Cut Fees To Stem Client Exodus (FT)
• History of Junk Bond Meltdowns Points to Trouble (BBG)
• IEA Sees ‘Peak Coal’ As Demand For Fossil Fuel Crumbles In China (AEP)
• Congress Slips Controversial CISA Law In With Sure-To-Pass Budget Bill (Wired)
• US-Mexico Border: Arizona’s Open Door (FT)
• Bundesbank’s Weidmann: Greek Debt Relief Is Not Urgent (Kath.)
• Iceland Bank Collapse Nears End as Creditors Reach Last Accord (BBG)
• Ukraine Debt Default and EU Sanctions Extension Anger Russia (IT)
• Merkel Defends Russian Gas Pipeline Plan (WSJ)
• The Unraveling Of The European Union Has Begun (MarketWatch)
• ‘Cameron’s Battle Against EU Is Like Grappling With A Jellyfish’ (RT)
• ‘Cancer of Europe’ – Russian Duma Speaker Calls For NATO Dissolution (RT)
• 135 Jobs In 2.5 Years: The Plight Of Spain’s New Working Poor (Guardian)
• One Of Every 122 Humans Today Has Been Forced To Flee Their Home (WaPo)