Christmas 2015 – Why There Is No Peace On Earth

After the Berlin Wall fell in November 1989 and the death of the Soviet Union was confirmed two years later when Boris Yeltsin courageously stood down the red army tanks in front of Moscow’s White House, a dark era in human history came to an end.

The world had descended into what had been a 77-year global war, incepting with the mobilization of the armies of old Europe in August 1914. If you want to count bodies, 150 million were killed by all the depredations which germinated in the Great War, its foolish aftermath at Versailles, and the march of history into the world war and cold war which followed inexorably thereupon.

To wit, upwards of 8% of the human race was wiped-out during that span. The toll encompassed the madness of trench warfare during 1914-1918; the murderous regimes of Soviet and Nazi totalitarianism that rose from the ashes of the Great War and Versailles; and then the carnage of WWII and all the lesser (unnecessary) wars and invasions of the Cold War including Korea and Vietnam.

I have elaborated more fully on this proposition in The Epochal Consequences Of Woodrow Wilson’s War, but the seminal point cannot be gainsaid. The end of the cold war meant world peace was finally at hand, yet 25 years later there is still no peace because Imperial Washington confounds it.

In fact, the War Party entrenched in the nation’s capital is dedicated to economic interests and ideological perversions that guarantee perpetual war; they ensure endless waste on armaments and the inestimable death and human suffering that stems from 21st century high tech warfare and the terrorist blowback it inherently generates among those upon which the War Party inflicts its violent hegemony. Continue reading

When to Buy Stocks

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A Grotesque World

POITOU, France – On Tuesday, the Dow rose another 165 points – or about 1%. No pre-Christmas panic this year. Tomorrow, we will reach into the archives for a visit with Christmas Past. Today, however, we give you a little Christmas Present.

We have been trying to understand the Fed’s position… and its new “tightening” cycle. The Fed is trapped, we concluded. When adverse conditions appear – a bear market or a recession – it won’t be able to stay the course.


mad_professor-600x399Successful investment principles explained by German scalawag analyst

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Since adverse conditions are guaranteed, sooner or later, the Fed can never return to “normal.” It has created a grotesque financial world. Now, it will have to live with it… and be destroyed by its own monster. How?


1-DJIADJIA – up, down, up…(market internals still stink) – click to enlarge.


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The Daily Debt Rattle

Submitted by Raúl Ilargi Meijer  –  The Automatic Earth


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