The Daily Debt Rattle

Submitted by Raúl Ilargi Meijer  –  The Automatic Earth

After a Tumultuous 2015, Investors Have Low Expectations for Markets (WSJ)
Will Corporate Investment and Profits Rebound This Year? (WSJ)
A Year of Sovereign Defaults? (Carmen Reinhart)
The Next Big Short: Amazon (Stockman)
The Real Financial Risks of 2016 (Taleb)
High-Yield Bonds: Worthy of the Name Again (WSJ)
Slowdown In Chinese Manufacturing Deepens Fears For Economy (Guardian)
Opinion Divided On State Of Chinese Economy, But Not Its Importance (Guardian)
‘Indigestion’ Hits Diamond Companies: Too Much Supply, Too Little Demand (FT)
Iraq Says It Exported More Than 1 Billion Barrels of Oil in 2015 (BBG)
The Federal Reserve’s Brave New Interest Rate World (Coppola)
Economic Sweet Spot Of 2016 Before The Reflation Storm (AEP)
New Year Brings Minimum Wage Hikes For Americans In 14 States (Reuters)
Swiss Bank Admits Cash and Gold Withdrawals Cheated IRS (BBG)
Edward Hugh, Economist Who Foresaw Eurozone’s Struggles, Dies At 67 (NY Times)
As 2016 Dawns, Europe Braces For More Waves Of Refugees (AP)