The Daily Debt Rattle

Submitted by Raúl Ilargi Meijer  –  The Automatic Earth


• Worst First Five Days of Year Ever For US Stocks Dim Outlook (WSJ)
• The End of the Monetary Illusion Magnifies Shocks for Markets (BBG)
• More Than 40% Of Young Americans Use Payday Loans Or Pawnshops (Ind.)
• British People Donating Bodies To Science To Avoid Funeral Costs (Tel.)
• Multiple Jobholders Responsible For 64% Of Net US Job Gains (ECRI)
• First Profit Fall In 48 Years Looms Over US Energy Sector (MarketWatch)
• Mining’s $1.4 Trillion Plunge Like Losing Apple, Google, Exxon Combined (BBG)
• Inventor of Market Circuit Breakers Says China Got It Wrong (BBG)
• China Market Tsar In Spotlight Amid Stock Market Turmoil (Reuters)
• As Growth Slows, China’s Era of Easy Choices Is Over (WSJ)
• Why China Shifted Its Strategy for the Yuan, and How It Backfired (WSJ)
• China Finds $3 Trillion Just Doesn’t Pack the Punch It Used To (BBG)
• Shock, Laughter Greet Plan for Saudi Arabia’s Record Oil IPO (BBG)
• Saudi Aramco’s Fire Sale (BBG)
• US Accuses Volkswagen Of Poor Co-Operation With Probe (FT)
• Visible Light From Black Holes Detected For First Time (Guardian)
• Refugees Struggle In Sub-Zero Temperatures In Balkans (BBC)
• Greek Police, Frontex To ‘Check’ Volunteers On Islands Receiving Migrants (Kath.)