The Daily Debt Rattle

Submitted by Raúl Ilargi Meijer  –  The Automatic Earth


• The US Economy Is Dead In The Water (Stockman)
• America, Your Credit Rating Stinks (BBG)
• Up To A Million Americans Will Be Kicked Off Food Stamps This Year (HuffPo)
• How Debt Conquered America (Thacker)
• Saudis Told To Prop Up Currency Amid Global Devaluation War Fears (Tel.)
• Could Saudi Aramco Be Worth 20 Times Exxon? (WSJ)
• Saudi Arms Sales Are In Breach Of International Law, Britain Is Told (Observer)
• China Heightens the Contradictions (BBG)
• Germany’s Sparkassen: Banking On Capital Exports (Coppola)
• VW Proposes Catalytic Converter To Fix US Test Cheating Cars (Reuters)
• ‘Tax Wall Street,’ Trump Pledges After Worst Market Week Since 2011 (BBG)
• Heavily Armed Men Offer ‘Security’ For Oregon Militia At Refuge (Guardian)
• Two-Thirds Of Tory MPs Want Britain To Quit European Union (Observer)
• EU Eyes Start Of Greek Reforms Review January 18 (Reuters)
• ‘Greek Government Has Solid Majority To Pass Pension Reform’ (Reuters)
• Anger Over Fate Of Child Refugees Denied UK Asylum Hearing (Observer)