The Daily Debt Rattle

Submitted by Raúl Ilargi Meijer  –  The Automatic Earth

• US Stocks Post Worst 10-Day Start To A Year In History (MW)
• What Goes Up, Comes Down Considerably Faster (ZH)
• Wall Street Hemorrhages As Oil Tumbles And China Fears Deepen (Reuters)
• Weak US Data Deluge Points To Sharply Slower Growth (Reuters)
• A Recession Worse Than 2008 Is Coming (Michael Pento)
• Looming Recession Shifts Fed Support From Equities To Dollar, Banks (Brodsky)
• Global Earnings Downgrades Haven’t Been This Bad in Seven Years (BBG)
• Retail Sales in U.S. Decrease to End Weakest Year Since 2009 (BBG)
• Wal-Mart to Shut Hundreds of Stores (BBG)
• A New Year Of Turmoil For China (WaPo)
• Currency War Revival Seen After Yen, Euro Rally (BBG)
• One Year On, ‘Franckenschock’ Still Hurts Swiss (CNBC)
• America’s Student-Debt Crisis Is Only Getting Worse (MW)
• MH-17’s Unnecessary Mystery (Robert Parry)
• Toxic Chemicals In Scottish Waters Wiping Out Killer Whales (Scotsman)
• Baby Found Dead On Greece Migrant Boat (AP)