The Daily Debt Rattle

Submitted by Raúl Ilargi Meijer  –  The Automatic Earth

Two Refugee Boats Sink off Greek Islands; At Least 21 Dead (GR)
At Least 12 Refugees Killed In New Tragedy Off Turkey (AFP)
Japanese Stocks Surge by Most in 4 Months In ‘Short Squeeze Galore’ (BBG)
Japan Must Let Zombie Companies Die (BBG)
China Shares Struggle Higher On Global Stimulus Hopes (Reuters)
Draghi’s Groundhog Day Heralds Seven Weeks of ECB Market Dialog (BBG)
A Scared World Is Taking Its Money And Running Back Home – and to the US (BBG)
Battered Emerging Markets Race to Stem Outflows (WSJ)
US Is Hiding -Saudi- Treasury Bond Data That’s Suddenly Become Crucial (BBG)
Is Something Blowing Up In OIL? (ZH)
Trillions Could Be Lost In British Housing Bubble Collapse (WMN)
Hundreds Of Mountain Tops Leveled To Make Way For The New Silk Road (Forbers)
Glory Days Of Chinese Steel Leave Behind Abandoned Mills And Broken Lives (G.)
Italy Could Trigger Europe’s Next Financial Crisis (Stratfor)
IMF Demands EU Debt Relief For Greece Before New Bailout (Guardian)
Capital Controls Cut Greek Exports By €3.5 Billion In 6 Months (Kath.)
Over 120,000 Greek Homes Close To Repossession (Kath.)
One Third of Greeks Cannot Afford Heating Or Hot Water (KTG)
Greece Demands That Refugees Declare Final EU Destination (Reuters)
Germany Takes Refugees’ Valuables ‘To Pay For Their Stay’ (Local)