The Daily Debt Rattle

Submitted by Raúl Ilargi Meijer  –  The Automatic Earth

• Nearly $8 Trillion Wiped Off World Stocks In January (Reuters)
• Dow Could Fall 5,000 Points And Still Not Be ‘Cheap’ (MW)
• Mario Draghi Denies The ECB Bazooka Is Empty (AEP)
• Felix Zulauf: The Era Of QE Is Over (FuW)
• The ‘Recovery’ Was Built On Bubbles (Chang)
• China’s Banking Stress Looms Like Banquo’s Ghost In Davos (AEP)
• The EU Prioritizes The Old And The Rich (FT)
• Will The TBTF Banks Break Themselves Up? (Forbes)
• Moody’s Just Put $540 Billion In Energy Debt On Downgrade Review (ZH)
• North Sea Drilling Sinks to Record Low (BBG)
• Aberdeen: Once-Rich Oil City Now Relying On Food Banks (Guardian)
• Oil Services Giant Schlumberger Axes 10,000 Jobs (Guardian)
• UK Treasury ‘To Count £139 Million Of Made Up Money’ As Foreign Aid (Ind.)
• VW Blames Emissions Scandal on EU’s ‘Vague Testing Requirements’ (Ind.)
• VW Probe Finds Manipulation Was Open Secret In Department (Reuters)
• DEFEAT IS VICTORY (Dmitry Orlov)
• Top UN Official Says Mass Migration ‘Unavoidable Reality’ (AFP)
• Europe’s Refugee Crisis Claims At Least Another 46 Lives In Aegean (AP)