The Daily Debt Rattle

Submitted by Raúl Ilargi Meijer  –  The Automatic Earth

• Oil Falls 4% On Swelling Oversupply
• Commodities Stocks Sink As Oil Resumes Downward Slide (FT)
• Oil Price Crash Is Completely Changing The Industry’s Landscape (BIA)
• US Short Sellers Target China’s Alibaba (BBG)
• China Pledges Steel, Coal Capacity Cuts in Supply-Side Reforms (BBG)
• China’s Migrants Go Home – And Stay There (BBG)
• China’s Central Bank Prioritizes Strong Yuan (WSJ)
• The East Knows The West Is Bankrupt (Holter)
• Don’t Forget the Irish When Looking at New Risks in Euro Region (BBG)
• There’s a Giant Elephant at the Bank of England (BBG)
• The End Of Economic Growth (Robert Gordon)
• One Year On, Syriza Has Sold Its Soul For Power (Lapavitsas)
• Greece On The Brink Of ‘Education Tragedy’ (EurActiv)
• We Produced Enough Plastics Since WWII To Cover The Entire Earth (Guardian)
• Racism ‘Is At The Heart Of The Australian Dream’ (Guardian)
• Merkel’s Party, Sliding In Polls, Weighs German ‘Border Centres’ (Reuters)
• Greek Islanders To Be Nominated For Nobel Peace Prize (Observer)
• Sealing Greek Sea Border Is Impossible (AP)