The Daily Debt Rattle

Submitted by Raúl Ilargi Meijer  –  The Automatic Earth

• The Citi Market-Crash Clock Says It’s 5 Minutes To Midnight (BI)
• Time Running Out For China On Capital Flight, Warns Bank Chief (AEP)
• China Announces 400,000 Steelworker Job Cuts, 3 Million More Expected (WSWS)
• Hong Kong Property Sales Slump To 25 Year Low (BBG)
• Hong Kong Short Sellers Could Find The Weak Link In Real Estate (MW)
• Oil-Price Poker: Why the Saudis Won’t Fold ‘Em (WSJ)
• BP Reports 91% Decline In Fourth-Quarter Earnings (BBG)
• BP Posts Biggest Loss In 20 Years, Axes 7000 Jobs, Shares Lose 5% (Guardian)
• Flood Of Oil Asset Writedowns Across Asia (BBG)
• Iceland Central Bank Preparing New Weapons To Fight Capital Rush (Reuters)
• World Index Of Economic Freedom Tells Us That EU Should Be Broken Up (AEP)
• Ground Control to Captain Zhou Xiaochuan (Jim Kunstler)
• Progress On Migration Could ‘Facilitate’ Greece’s Bailout Review (Kath.)
• Europe’s Refugee Story Has Hardly Begun (Paul Mason)
• Where Are Our Principles? (Boukalas)