The Daily Debt Rattle

Submitted by Raúl Ilargi Meijer  –  The Automatic Earth

• Oil Market Spiral Threatens To Prick Global Debt Bubble, Warns BIS (AEP)
• Gundlach Says Financials Below Crisis Prices ‘Frightening’ (BBG)
• Global Financial System Risk Is Soaring Worldwide (ZH)
• Standard Chartered Down 57%, Returns to 1998 (WSJ)
• US Exports Fell In 2015 For First Time Since Recession (AP)
• Oil Rout Threatens Vicious Cycle for US Economy (WSJ)
• The Chart of Doom: When Private Debt Stops Expanding… (CHS)
• Why It Would Be Wise To Prepare For The Next Recession (Wolf)
• Citi: World Economy Trapped In ‘Death Spiral’ (CNBC)
• Negative-Interest-Rate Effect Already Dead, Central Banks Lost Control (WS)
• China’s Reserves Pose The Next Hurdle For Yuan (CNBC)
• Europe’s Economic Outlook Darkens, Sends Shudder Through Markets (BBG)
• LinkedIn Sheds $11 Billion In Value On Stock’s Worst Day Since Debut (Reuters)
• Armed With New US Money, NATO To Strengthen Russia Deterrence (Reuters)
• Why Pensions Are The New Flashpoint In Greece’s Crisis (AP)