The Daily Debt Rattle

Submitted by Raúl Ilargi Meijer  –  The Automatic Earth

• $100 Trillion Up in Smoke (Mauldin)
• As Big Oil Shrinks, Boards Plot Different Paths Out Of Crisis (Reuters)
• Exxon Ends Share Buybacks – It Must Be Acquisition Time (Forbes)
• Hess Oil: A “Folly For The Ages” (ZH)
• Debt, Defaults, And Devaluations: A Crash Like Nothing Before (Telegraph)
• Our Dysfunctional Monetary System (Steve Keen)
• Why The Bulls Will Get Slaughtered (Stockman)
• Obscure Chinese Firm Dives Into $22 Trillion US Market (BBG)
• China’s FX Reserves Decline to $3.23 Trillion (BBG)
• The Great Escape from China (Rogoff)
• Albert Edwards: China Has Only “Months Left” To Stop Collapse (VW)
• Why Doesn’t 4.9% Unemployment Feel Great? (CNN)
• Risk of WWIII as Saudi Arabia, Turkey –and Ukraine– Wade Into Syria (Trayner)
• EU Ministers Want To Buttress Borders To Stem Refugee Flow (AP)
• Austria Threatens To Extend Border Controls (Reuters)
• Austria Wants EU To Cover Costs Of Additional Migrants (Reuters)