The Daily Debt Rattle

Submitted by Raúl Ilargi Meijer  –  The Automatic Earth

• Europe Stocks Head for Worst Drop Since August as SocGen Plunges (BBG)
• Hong Kong Stocks Fall 4% in Worst Start to Lunar New Year Since ’94 (BBG)
• Yellen: Not Sure We Can -Legally- Do Negative Rate (CNBC)
• How Low Can Central Banks Go? JPMorgan Reckons Way, Way Lower (BBG)
• Kyle Bass Says China Bank Losses May Top 400% of Subprime Crisis (BBG)
• Bass: China Banks May Lose 5 Times US Banks’ Subprime Losses (CNBC)
• Germany’s DAX Is One Of The World’s Worst-Performing Stock Markets (BBG)
• It’s A Bad Time To Be A Bank (Ind.)
• European Banks Face More Energy Problems (CNBC)
• Energy Debt Fuels Broader Malaise (BBG)
• Is The Market In European Coco Bonds About To Pop? (Ind.)
• Some Hedge Funds Want to Make Subprime Auto Loans Next Big Short (BBG)
• The Mining Industry Makes Oil Giants Look Great (BBG)
• Why Does the US Government Pursue Student Debtors in Prison? (BBG)
• Notes from the Locked Ward (Jim Kunstler)
• When Will the Rest of Europe Want Its Own ‘Brexit’? (BBG)
• Will Greece Become a Refugee Bottleneck? (Spiegel)